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When I was young, I read—for fun—Isaac Asimov's books about energy, the brain, neutrinos, and other scientific topics. Asimov was a master "explainer," and his books fed my abiding curiosity about the world around me. I've ended up being a professional "explainer" myself.

I started out in 1981 as a newspaper reporter in Rochester, NY. I covered all beats, but the stories I enjoyed most involved science of some kind. After four years of weekly journalism, I landed a job as a science writer for the University of Rochester. It was terrific work, but the wider world beckoned, as did other media.

In 1987 I won a fellowship in science broadcast journalism at WGBH, Boston's public broadcasting station. It was an intense, exciting year during which I learned the new "languages" of radio and television production. When the internet and interactive media came along in the 90s, I learned those skills as well.

I've now been writing and producing for more than 30 years, with my focus narrowing, in the past decade, to medicine. I've worked with a wide range of companies and clients (you can find more details in my resume) including:

Although the media, the clients, and the audiences have changed over the years, "explaining" remains the core of what I do. My success has rested on my ability to quickly absorb large amounts of technical information and then create media programs that clarify, simplify, and memorably convey the topics involved. If you need these kinds of skills to bring your project to fruition, let's talk!