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I've written or edited books on various topics in science and medicine. Some, such as Buzz, were my own idea and I was sole author. More often, I work with a physician, or physicians, as a "collaborating author," which means I research and write the book with guidance and oversight from the author or authors. Sometimes I am hired as a "book doctor" — taking a manuscript that is in trouble for one reason or another and writing or editing it to bring it up to professional writing standards and clearly convey the author's ideas. And sometimes I work as a classic "ghostwriter" — with no credit given on the cover or acknowledgments. I'm comfortable with all such arrangements.

If you are interested in pursuing a book project, please contact my agent, Gail Ross. I've worked with Gail since she helped me land my first book contract in 1994. She's intelligent, efficient, incredibly professional, and committed to her authors. To read about any of my books, click on a cover below.

Buzz: The Science and Lore of Alcohol and Caffeine

Oxford University Press, 1996


The Science of Happiness: Unlocking the Mysteries of Mood

John Wiley & Sons, 2000


The Peace of Mind Prescription: An Authoritative Guide to Finding the Most Effective Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

(Written for Dr. Dennis S. Charney & Dr. Charles B. Nemeroff.)

Houghton-Mifflin, 2004


The Male Biological Clock

(Written for Dr. Harry Fisch.)

Free Press, 2005


The Mature Mind

(Re-written and edited for Dr. Gene D. Cohen.)

Basic Books, 2006


Listening to Pain

(Assisted Dr. Scott Fishman with writing and editorial support.)

Waterford Life Sciences, 2007

(Out of print)


Responsible Opioid Prescribing

(Assisted Dr. Scott Fishman with writing and editorial support.)

Waterford Life Sciences, 2007


Size Matters: The Hard Facts about  Male Sexuality that Every Woman Should Know

(Ghostwritten for Dr. Harry Fisch.)

Random House, 2008


Exit Wounds: A Guide to Treating Chronic Pain for Veterans

(Written for Iraq veteran Derek McGinnis.)

Waterford Life Sciences, 2009