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Gompetitive pharmaceutical sales representatives must deeply understand the product they are selling. That means being fully versed on the details of the clinical trials on which FDA approval of the product was based, as well as all relevant data on safety, efficacy, and pharmacodynamics/pharmacokinetics. They also, of course, need to fully grasp the relevant anatomy, physiology, and molecular biology of the disease state targeted by the drug or device in question. Achieving these levels of competence requires clear, succinct training programs — essentially a "crash course" in everything related to the product.

I've written and produced a wide range of such training programs, for delivery via print, PowerPoint, audio, or online. Due to confidentiality agreements, I cannot share the actual programs I've created (unless, of course, you happen to be employed by one of the companies for whom a project was created). I would, however, be happy to discuss in general terms any of the projects listed below, and I can provide references for each project so you can talk directly to the folks who are now using these materials.


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