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H ere are the major videos I've written and directed over the past 20 years. My early work was largely documentary style science programming, while my later work has most often been scripted dramatic vignettes on medical topics, filmed either on location or in studios using more classically cinematic blocking, lighting, and crews. More information is available online for the videos that are hyperlinked, including, for several, excerpts from the videos themselves. If you'd like more information on any particular video, please contact me. If I can, I'll send you a DVD copy.


Advance Care Planning (vignettes for website), 2010 — Writer/Director

Geriatric Training for Social Workers, 2009 — Writer/Director

In Good Hands: A guide to Health Care Advance Directives, 2005 — Writer/Director

To Your Health! New Ways to Eat Well, 2003 — Executive Producer/Writer

Hope In Sight: Coping w/Macular  Degeneration, 2002 — Executive Producer/Writer

Making the Right Choice: Treatment for Prostate Cancer,1999 — Executive Producer/Writer

The Truth About Impotence, (PBS Nova!), 1998 — Executive Producer/Writer

Conquering Erectile Dysfunction, 1998 — Producer/Writer

Is a Clinical Trial Right For You?, 1997 — Executive Producer

Depression in the Older Patient, 1996 — Executive Producer

You and Your Physician: Partners in Health Care, 1996 — Executive Producer

Four Stories: Young Women  and Breast Cancer, 1996 — Executive Producer

Urinary Incontinence: Finding Solutions, 1996 — Executive Producer

Older Voices: Interviewing Older Adults, 1995 — Senior Producer

The Best Defense: Giving Penicillin To Children With Sickle Cell Disease, 1995 — Senior Producer

Faster Than The Wind (Scientific American Frontiers), 1994 — Producer/Director

A Different Drummer: The North Slope Borough School District, 1993 — Producer/Director/Editor

Living on the North Slope, 1993 — Producer/Director/Editor

The Grand Tour: Exploring the Planets, 1991 — Writer/Director/Producer

Life Between the Grains, 1991 — Writer/Producer

Statistics: Decisions Through Data, 1991 — Producer/Editor/Writer

In Simplest Terms: College Algebra, 1990 — Senior Producer/Director

Against All Odds: Introduction to Statistics, 1989 — Producer/Writer/Director

Supercomputers, 1988 — Co-producer/Writer