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Ihave written and produced a number of educational websites. This typically means that I wrote the on-screen content (as part of a larger programming script), and directed the team of programmers and designers who actually created the site. Alas, all but two of the sites I have worked on are no longer available for one reason or another. The two sites hyperlinked below require a username and password, which I have provided. Let me know if either is no longer available.

Assessing Older Adults for Alcohol Use/Abuse – 2007

Counseling Older Adults About Driving Cessation – 2006

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Substance Abuse Counselors – 2005

Symptom Research Interactive Textbook (article editor) – 2003 Making the Right Choice: Prostate Cancer – 2002

Four Stories: Breast Cancer in Younger Women – 1997

Women’s Guide to Menopause – 1996